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April 2018, Volume 5, Number 2

Examination of the Skin Conductance Level (SCL) as an Index of the Activity of the Sympathetic Nervous System for Application in the Continous Blood Pressure Measurement

Janina Horstick, Simon Siebers and Claus Backhaus, University of Applied Sciences Munster, Germany

January 2018, Volume 5, Number 1

Study on Enhancement of Osseointegration of the Bio-Active Titanium Implant by Low Intensive Ultrasound Wave
Masanori Kobayahsi1, Masafumi Shiraishi2 and Mitsuo Kinoshita2, 1Takarazuka University of Medical and Health Care, Japan and 2Osaka Medical school, Japan

A New Approach of Brain Tumor Segmentation Using Fast Convergence Level Set Virupakshappa1 and Basavaraj Amarapur2,1Appa IET, India and 2PDA College of Engineering, India

October 2017, Volume 4, Number 4

Study on Enhancement of Osseointegration of the Bio-Active Titanium Implant by Low Intensive Ultrasound Wave
Masanori Kobayahsi, Takarazuka University of Medical and Health Care, Japan

April 2017,Volume 4,Number 2

Effect of Negative Angle Cannulation during Cardiopulmonary Bypass – A Computational Fluid Dynamics Study

Wael Mokhtar, Kyle A. Dinger, Chetan Madagi and Md Razib Hossain, Grand Valley State University, USA

January 2017, Volume 4, Number 1

Full Thickness Wound Healing in Induced Diabetic Mice Using Low Level Laser in Comparison with Ultrasound  
Thanaa I. Shalaby, Abd El Rahman T.Heraba, Maisa E.Moustafa and Amal S. El Sodfy, Alexandria University, Egypt
Production and Characterization of Hydroxyapatite Bone Substitute Material Performed from Indonesian Limestone  
Sudirman Habibie1, Agus Hadi Santosa Wargadipura1, Dwi Gustiono1, Nendar Herdianto1, Asep Riswoko1, Siti Nikmatin2  and Stephen Clarke3, 1Center for Material Technology, Indonesia, 2Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia and
3Advanced Material Solutions, Australia
Headers and Payloads Inside of Nervous System as Like as Digital Communication Protocols ? 
O. Nolasco-Jáuregui and J. Leyva-Montiel, CINVESTAV, Mexico

October 2016, Volume 3, Number 4

Minimization of Metabolic Cost of Muscles Based on Human Exoskeleton Modeling : A Simulation 
Harita Baskar and Sri Madhava Raja Nadaradjane, St. Joseph’s College of Engineering, India
Sponge Robotic Hand Design for Prostheses
Mine Seēkin and Necla Yaman Turan, Uşak University, Turkey
Studying the Impact of Alcohol Consumption and its Cultural Understanding on EEG Using Embedding Dimension  in Young Healthy Adults from Shillong, Meghalaya
Arundhuti Das1, Shrimanta Ramchiary2, Sudip Paul2, Tapas Sinha2 and Dinesh Bhatia2, 1Utkal University, India
and 2North Eastern Hill University, India

July 2016, Volume 3, Number 3

A Comparative Analysis of Thermal Flow Sensing in Biomedical Applications
Baseerat Khan, Suhaib Ahmed and Vipan Kakkar, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, India
Bio-Effects of Aircraft Noise and Antioxidant Activity of Omega3 on Mice Brain 
Mervat A. Mohamed, Alexandria University, Egypt
Power Spectral Analysis of EEG as a Potential Marker in the Diagnosis of Spastic Cerebralpalsycases 
Bablu Lal Rajak1, Meena Gupta1, Dinesh Bhatia1, Arun Mukherjee2, Sudip Paul1 and Tapas Kumar Sinha1,
1North Eastern Hill University, Meghalaya and 2UDAAN, India
Influence of Gender on Muscle Activity Patterns During Normal and Fast Walking
Manvinder Kaur1, Sateesh Reddy Avutu1, Dinesh Bhatia1, Suresh Verma2, 1North Eastern Hill University, India and2Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science & Technology, India
An Electrical Impedance Tomography System for Thyroid Gland with a Tiny Electrode Array
Moustafa Ahmed1, Yara Mouhamed2, Nivan M. Fikry2, Hesham Ali Badawi2, Mohamed A. Bondok3 and Mona S. El-Neklawi3,1Pharos University in Alexandria, Egypt, 2Alexandria University, Egypt and 3October 6 University, Egypt

April 2016, Volume 3, Number 2

Special Issue – Second International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Science (BIOEN 2016)
2.4 GHZ Class AB Power Amplifier for Healthcare Application
Wei Cai1, Liang Huang2 and WuJie Wen3, 1University of California, USA, 2ZheJiang Gongshang University, China and 3Florida International University, USA
Enhanced Biohydrogen Production by Overexpression of Hyce and Hycg in Enterobacter Aerogenes AB91102
Muhammad Jawed, Pi Jian, Xu Li and Yunjun Yan, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

January 2016, Volume 3, Number 1

Center of Mass Deviation from Center of Base of Support as a Measure of Frontal and Sagittal Stability
Mohammed Alamoudi, Damon Stambolian and Shihab Asfour, University of Miami, USA
Modeling Cell Movement on a Substrate with Variable Rigidity
Arkady Voloshin, Lehigh University, USA
Design of Single Channel Portable EEG Signal Acquisition System for Brain Computer Interface Application  
Amlan Jyoti Bhagawati and Riku Chutia, Tezpur University, India
A Novel Reliable Method Assess HRV for Heart Disease Diagnosis Using Bipolar MVF Algorithm
Mazhar B.Tayel and Eslam I AlSaba, Alexandria University, Egypt
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